For screenings in the U.S. and Canada , please contact our North American distributor:


Outside of North America, all publiccommunity, and educational screenings of The Iran Job on DVD require the purchase of the Educational & Public Viewing DVD ($299), which includes the public viewing rights.

Both the DVD and the viewing rights can be purchased by clicking here »

That’s it! Once you receive the DVD, you can go ahead and pick date(s) and venue(s) and schedule your screening(s).

Please note:

INSTITUTIONAL and PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS (“PPR”) are rights which allow screenings of DVDs for educational purposes.

Any school use or non theatrical public showing of a The Iran Job DVD must include the purchase of PPR at the price indicated on this website ($299). Purchase of PPR permit screening in a classroom or library or to a public group of less than 50 people when no admission is charged.

If admission is charged or if the group is more than 50 people, please contact us to arrange for a commercial film booking.

Please be advised that home-use DVDs purchased from home video retailers or on our website DO NOT carry PPR. Such DVDs may only be screened for private home use unless PPR are purchased separately or an open showing is arranged in advance.

By checking this box, you acknowledge your understanding of THE IRAN JOB’s (as represented by Third Child, LLC) PPR policy and agree to purchase the Institutional and PPR Rights of  THE IRAN JOB.