The NBA will consider including THE IRAN JOB in their 2012 Basketball Without Borders program in Asia – a combined FIBA & NBA development program for talented basketball players from around the world.

Karim Sadjapour, former chief Iran analyst at the International Crisis Group in Washington and Tehran and now associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, is our invaluable adviser.
Christiane Amanpour, Global Affairs Anchor of ABC News, graciously co-hosted a fundraiser. PAAIA, The Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans is graciously hosting community screenings across the United States.
Gloria Steinem, iconic feminist/ author/activist, supported the fundraiser and noted the film’s unexpected nexus of male sports and women’s rights – for while THE IRAN JOB is about men’s basketball, above all it gives voice to three very brave Iranian women. Maz Jobrani, the funniest Iranian east of the Mississippi, has been graciously tooting the horn for The Iran Job – and making people smile in the process.
We are thankful to our media sponsor, IranianHotline We are thankful for our media sponsor, Javanan Magazine 


The Iran Job has received funding support from the following networks and organizations:

  •     YLE-TV
  •     New York State Council on the Arts
  •     PARSA Community Foundation
  •     Kodak Foundation
  •     Richard Massey Foundation for Arts & Sciences
  •     Daphne Foundation
  •     Flora Family Foundation
  •     Paley Center for Media
  •     SnagFiilms

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