In light of the difficult relations between the Western world and Iran, and much of the Muslim world at large, THE IRAN JOB aims to:

  • Use the universal appeal of sports to bridge cultures
  • Encourage “citizen diplomacy,” directly between people, from citizen to citizen
  • Convene around a globally popular sport to address crucial political and social issues while engaging audiences that would otherwise not care
  • Help bridge a knowledge gap between Iran and the West, often created by political leaders on both sides at the people’s expense
  • Encourage policy-makers around the world to advance diplomacy towards a nuclear-free Iran, without war or crippling sanctions, and to expand their efforts toward a nuclear-free world. (“More Hoops/Less Nukes!”)
  • Encourage discussions in educational forums that revolve around:
    1. the role of religion in government and society
    2. equality and women’s rights in Islam and the West
    3. civil rights – or the lack thereof – in Iran and elsewhere
    4. Iran/U.S. and Iran/Europe relations – ways to heal the often bitter shared history.

You can help us achieve these goals by spreading the word about the film, by hosting a screening, by attending any of our upcoming events and panels, by supporting Kevin Sheppard’s youth league Choices Basketball Association, by sponsoring any of our outreach programs, by acting as a citizen diplomat.

If you have other ideas how to get involved please don’t hesitate to contact us!