27/3/2014 Im Rennen um die “Lola”
4/3/2014 Journeyman in Iran
4/3/2014 The Iran Job Arrives on Home Video
8/2/2013 Indie Documentary gets Raves in Cornelius Premiere by Lisa Daidone
  7/23/13 ‘The Iran Job’ Will challenge what you thought you knew by Bob Maier
7/20/13 Film Review: ‘The Iran Job’ by Robert Maier
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6/20/13 Fuse Film Review: “The Iran Job” Basketball and The Search for a Common Ground by Betsy Sherman
6/13/2013 The Iran Job: More Than an Underdog Sports Story by Michael Nordine
3/12/2013 Film Movement Acquires Domestic Rights to ‘Iran Job’ by Andrew Stewart
3/12/2013 Film Movement Acquires North American Rights to “The Iran Job” for June Multi-Platform Release by Tambay A Obenson
3/12/2013 Film Movement Takes The Iran Job by Jeremy Kay
3/4/2013 Docu ‘Der Iran Job”: Korbjagd beim Ertzfeind by Yannick Lowin
  2/27/13 Ein Amerikanar en Iran
2/25/2013 Ein Amerikaner in Shiraz by Laura Overmeyer
2/22/2013 Der Persönliche Gast: Till Schauder: Doku-filmer im Iran by Shanli Anwar
2/21/2013 Ein Amerikaner in Feindesland by Nadine Lange
2/21/2013 UNICUM Kinotipp: The Iran Job by Barbara Kotzulla
2/21/2013 Neu im Kino: Der Iran Job
2/21/2013 INTERVIEW: Till Schauder “Diese wahnsinning gute Rapmusik” 
2/21/2013 US Basketball Player as Cultural Diplomat by Laura Overmeyer
2/21/2013 Bigger Than Basketball: The Documentary ‘The Iran Job’ by Till Schauder by Ines Meier
2/21/2013 Der Iran Job: Jenseits von Hass und Angst by Thomas Klingenmaier
2/21/2013 Kurzkritiken  zu den Kinostarts der Woche “The Iran Job” by Jan Füchtjohann
2/21/2013 Ein US-Star im Reich der Mullahs by Alan Posener
2/21/2013 Der Iran Job: Amerikanischer Basketball-Söldner in Iran by Kristen Kieninger
2/21/2013 Politik und Basketball: ‘Der Iran Job’ by Kristina Tieke
2/21/2013 The Iran Job: Korbjagd auf unbekanntem Terrain
2/21/2013 Ein US-Sportler geht in den Iran
2/21/2013 The Iran Job
2/20/2013 Körbe eines Handlungsreisenden by Jann Pfaff
2/20/2013 ‘Der Iran Job’: US-Basketballer im Reich des Bösen by Oliver Kube
2/18/2013 Der Iran Job’: Basketballfilm weit über Sport hinaus
2/18/2013 “I’m No Longer Allowed In the Country!” by Eve Lucas
2/18/2013 Film-Kino: ‘Der Iran Job’: Basketballfilm weit über Sport hinaus
2/18/2013 ‘Der Iran Job’: Basketballfilm weit über Sport hinaus
2/16/2013 Bigger Than Basketball by Andrea Schültke
2/11/2013 Amerikas Bester Botschafter by Friedrich Schulze
2/1/2013 Wie die Iraner wirklich ticken by Christian Meyer

1/25/2013 ‘The Iran Job’: Die politische Brisanz von Basketball byFrank Olbert
1/24/2013 Basketball Diplomacy In Iran by Samira Nikaeen
1/22/2013 ‘Der Iran Job’ – Ein US-Basketballer im Iran by Samira Nikaeen
1/17/2013 PAIAA Host a Screening of ‘The Iran Job’ on Capitol Hill
1/17/2013 ‘Iran Job’ part of Iranian Film Festival’s 20th Year
1/2/2013 BBC Persia piece on the UK Premiere of The Iran Job
12/19/2012 “Göttingen ist ein Paradies” by Yannick Lowin
11/25/2012 The Hollywood Reporter projects The Iran Job as possible Oscar contender
11/25/2012 Review of The Iran Job by Julia Huddleston
11/12/2012 MMA Crossfire Conversations – The Iran Job’s Director Till Schauder and Producer Sara Nodjoumi by Kenai Andrews
10/18/2012 Due To Popular Demand ‘The Iran Job’ Extended 1 More Week At IFC NYC (See it while you can!) by Tambay A Obenson
10/18/2012 ‘The Iran Job’ Mixes Basketball And Politics Into The Foundation For Bridge To Iran by Kia Makarechi
10/17/2012 ‘The Iran Job’: Filmmaker chronicles politics, basketball in the Middle East by Jane Caffrey
10/14/2012 BBC Persia coverage of the NYC Theatrical Opening by Bahman Kalbasi
10/14/2012 Interview and report on The Iran Job for Voice of America
10/13/2012 Hoop Dreams Land Basketball Player an ‘Iran Job’ by Scott Simon
10/12/2012 US Player Wins Hearts in Iran by Nischelle Turner
10/12/2012 Super Doc on Iran at the Right Time by Danny Peary
10/11/2012 A US Basketball Player in the Axis of Evil by David DeWitt
10/11/2012 The Iran Job’s Director on Sneaking Into Iran to Follow an American Basketbal Player by Lily Rothman
10/10/2012 Review of The Iran Job by Michael Nordine
10/9/2012 The Iran Job: love and basketball – in Shiraz? by Andrew O’Hehir
10/9/2012 My Big Fat Iranian Wedding; or How The Iran Job Came About by Till Schauder
10/8/2012 VIFF: Basketball Player’s Journey Sheds Light On Gender And Politics In Iran by Yvonne Zacharias
10/8/2012 Director Till Schauder on Current TV’s The Young Turks
10/4/2012 A Remarkably Apolitical Political Film by Abigail Disney
10/3/2012 Kevin Sheppard and Till Schauder on Last Call with Carson Daly
  9/28/2012  ’The Iran Job’ Finds A Lighter Side to US-Muslim Tensions by Steve Pond
9/28/2012 ReThink Review: The Iran Job – Basketball Diplomacy by Jonathan Kim
9/28/2012 Hope in Hoops? by Darrel Manson
9/27/2012 ‘The Iran Job’ Exceptional in it’s Storytelling by Betsy Sharkey
9/27/2012 Five Things You Can Do In Response To That Anti-Islam Film by Deborah Stambler
9/27/2012 ‘The Iran Job’ Jugando Con El Enemigo by Jose Alberto Hermosillo
9/27/2012 Politics, Iran and Basketball? The Iran Job by Deborah Stambler
9/26/2012 Interview with Till and Kevin by Katie Walsh
9/26/2012 Getting Past the Axis of Evil by Darrel Manson
  9/26/2012  Interview with Till and Kevin by Gadi Elkon
9/26/2012 Podcast Interview with Till Schauder And Kevin Sheppard
9/25/2012 ‘The Iran Job’, Hoop Dreams in a Dangerous City by Samantha Ofoloe-Prince
9/24/2012 Review by Michael Nordine
9/24/2012 Critic’s Pick: The Iran Job
  9/24/2012 Steve Pond includes The Iran Job in his article about possible Oscar contenders
9/23/2012 ‘The Iran Job’ Bridging the Cultural Divide Through Basketball by Ben Scuglia
9/20/2012 Hoops Diplomacy In ‘Iran Job’ Doc by Sam Alipour
8/31/2012 Dokumentation über US-Basketballer im Iran by Rupert Fabig
8/2/2012 Noor Iranian Film Festival Kicks of Friday in Beverly Hills by Susan King
8/2/2012 Noor Iranian Fest On A Mission In Los Angeles by Shalini Dore
7/31/2012 THE IRAN JOB: Exclusive 1:1 Interview with Iranian Citizen, LALEH by Debbie Lynn Elias
7/24/2012 The Iran Job Gets Official Release Date by Natasha Greeves
7/23/2012 The Iran Job: Un documentaire poignant by Candice Nicolas
7/16/2012 Basketball Diplomacy: An American Point Guard Becomes A Symbol For Freedom In The Iran Job by Jason Apuzzo and Govindini Murty
7/2/2012 ‘The Iran Job’ – Pro Basketball in Iran (exclusive interviews)
6/28/2012 BYOD Episode 30: LA Film Festival 2012 Pt. 1: ‘call me Kuschu’, ‘the Iran Job’ & ‘words Of Witness’
6/27/2012 LA Film Fest Review: ‘The Iran Job’ Is A Warm, Winning Tale of One Basketball’s Player’s Experience in Iran by Katie Walsh
6/26/2012 LA Film Fest 2012 Review: The Iran Job by Alex Keohne
6/26/2012 LA Film Festival 2012: ‘The Iran Job’ & ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ by Cynthia Fuchs
6/25/2012 Burgers, Iran, Pie by Lynn Chen
6/23/2012 LAFF – ‘The Iran Job’ – Film Review by Juan Valenzuela
6/22/2012 The Iran Job – Los Angeles Film Festival by Ryan Mason
6/22/2012 “The Iran Job” spotlights an U.S. basketball player in Iran by Jordan Riefe
6/22/2012 LA Film Festival: ‘Iran Job’ is sports as an ambassador by Jana J. Monji
6/20/2012 ‘The Iran Job’ takes a slam dunk peak behind the Islamic Curtain by Alex Deleon
6/19/2012 LAFF 2012 Documentary Reviews: Call Me Kuchu & The Iran Job by Americ Ngwije
6/19/2012 REVIEW: The Iran Job by Noah J. Nelson
6/19/2012 THE IRAN JOB (Los Angeles Film Festival Review) by Debbie Lynn Elias
6/19/2012 THE IRAN JOB: Exclusive 1:1 Interview with Iranian Citizen, HILDA by Debbie Lynn Elias
6/15/2012 Interview with Kevin Sheppard
6/15/2012 Interview with Till Schauder
6/15/2012 American Ball Player in Iran Unmasks ‘Real’ Iranian Life by Roja Heydarpour
VOA’s Shabahang 6/9/2012 Sara Nodjoumi and Hilda, one of the film’s characters, on VOA’s Shabahang Show discussing The Iran Job
Levantine Review 5/31/2012 Underdogs, Ahmadinejad Vie for Supremacy in New Sports Doc

“Documentary Shows Sheppard’s Time in Iran” by Sarah Spain
   1/24/2012  “The Iran Job by Sara Nodjoumi & Till Schauder” by Sjoerd Spendel
   1/13/2012  “Former Barracuda Sheppard uses all-world experience to coach his former squad” by Aaron Gray
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 1/4/2012  Film on U.S. athlete in Iran [Video clip]
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12/23/2011 Understanding Iran: U.S. athlete reveals his inside story
12/23/2011 “An Unlikely U.S. Diplomat Scores with Iranian Fans” by Tara Bahrampour
12/23/2011 “The Iran Job”, A Film That Goes Beyond Basketball With Kevin Sheppard” by Wendell Maxey
12/20/2011 Q&A with Karim Sadjadpour and Sara and Till
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