More praise from around the world:

“The Iran Job will change the perception of ordinary Iranians amongst Americans.”  Vijay Bhargava –  Kickstarter backer, India

“It’s an amazing story with the potential to destroy a lot of prejudices”
Thomas Dreiling - Kickstarter backer, Germany

“My mother is from Iran and I want to make sure relations get better between the U.S. and Iran. I think this film would possibly avoid another war!” Adriane Norman - Kickstarter backer, USA

“The Iran Job reflects on the situation of women in muslim countries. I am very impressed by their efforts for emancipation.” Tara - Kickstarter backer, Germany

“I want to see a different perspective of Iranian life than I get from the normal news sources.” Jeff Ritter - Kickstarter backer, USA

“I like sports docs with a twist” Angela Alford - Kickstarter backer, USA

“Iran, basketball, hip-hop in Farsi, couldn’t resist” Reza Taheri - Kickstarter backer, Iran/USA

“It’s time to knock of this political bullshit between us an Iran.” Thomas Paulson - Kickstarter backer, USA

“I used to watch Kevin’s matches back home, he brought excitement to the basketball league, you could see all these young girls come to the stadium and screaming his name , and it was weird because they didn’t censor them on Islamic TV! A friend of mine told me about your project and since I was a fan of Kevin, I got excited from watching the short Trailer,and I can’t wait to see the whole film!” Siamak Afshar - Kickstarter backer, Iran/USA

“Media projects like this may help prevent a war with Iran.” Daniel Burwen Kickstarter backer, Netherlands

“This is exactly the kind of film we need more of: addresses crucial issues while engaging audiences that would otherwise not be interested.” Will Picard - Kickstarter backer,USA